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 Some discussion points to think of while you watch:

The male form in Age of Ultron:

  • How is the masculine body presented throughout the film?
  • Are there any differences in the body types and how masculine their character is?
  • The body as object – how are male vs female bodies objectified differently?
  • What difference are there in the types of actions/dialogue in the male vs female characters?
  • How does the male body type affect the character and the perception of that character by others?
  • Is there any correlation between the character body type and what super powers they have?
  • How does the physical body influence identity for a character, or the audience perception of that character?
  • How is costume used to present the male figure?
  • What issues of identity are brought up by having 2 constructed beings in the film?

Other Topics:

  • Is A.I. ultimately dangerous?
  • Why is almost all films about A.I. about our downfall? Is there an inherit fear and where does it stem from?
  • Heroism and international law – superheros cross many international borders in the name of security – should they be above the law?
  • Power and class – the rich Tony Stark vs the poor meta-humans
  • Vision lifting Thor’s hammer – what are the implications, seeing that he is an artificial being?
  • Would you consider this film ‘self-reflexive’ in that it is aware of what type of film it is and makes use of its own genre tropes for comedy?
  • Are there any action or science fiction cliches used in this film?

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